Benvingut a Barcelona

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Elsewhere in Spain, “Welcome” would translate to “Bienvenido”, not “Benvingut”, but Catalonia has it own language. That little glimpse into language also gives you a clue to the not so recent move towards Independence.

A strong symbol of independence is its flag and it can be seen in windows, on balconies and even draped around people. Catalonia has thought itself unique as it was once one of the jewels of the Crown of Aragon.

Barcelona is also a city of churches (and perhaps a reason that protests so far have been quite peaceable). This is a detail of its most famous church, Sagrada Familia.

The first church I went into after I arrived was right around the corner of my hotel in the Gothic Quarter – Santa Maria del Pi, Saint Mary of the Pines. What a treat to enter to soaring organ music.

The richness of the interiors was always a tug of war for the eyes. So much to take in. This  Madonna and Child is from the same church and featured in a prior post: “Rose Window“.

Some of the richness of the city can also be found with its living statues. I saw at least a half dozen during my time there. They do it for the tips and I think they do quite well.

Not street performers but street people. They are more numerous than expected. More on this vibrant city in the weeks to come.

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