Gothic Quarter

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Besides much of the structures being built during the Gothic period (12th thru 16th centuries), The Gothic Quarter overlays some of the oldest parts of Barcelona. Trademark of the time was narrow streets.

How far back does Barcelona’s history go? It was a settlement during Roman occupation and this shrine is to St. Eulalia, patron saint of Barcelona. She was 13 year old and martyred here in 303 AD.

There are quiet streets and there are busy streets. And there are streets with mixed cultures. For some reason I found Route 66 and Pony Express merchandise in a few stores in several cities.

There are some VERY good restaurants in the Gothic Quarter. Tapas (appetizers) are a way of life in Spain – and are often combined to make a full meal. Of all the places I sampled this Basque influenced tapas restaurant, Irati, was the best. Wished I could go back.

I only looked thru the widow of this place. Gotta give ’em credit for their out front name: Meat Shop. I will say it was fascinating to look at their website:

Small pass through courtyards and a scattering of art were just around almost every corner. What was amazing to me were the number of highly specialized and seemingly successful small stores. The vitality of the Quarter was a bit of a surprise.

They gotta crash sometimes, though I didn’t see many sleeping like this. 



  1. Carol
    November 22, 2017

    Thanks again for a personal view of Barcelona. Wow! The narrow streets, high walls, so old…. Yes, the wooden Indian was a shock to see so far from where it originated!

  2. Lynda
    November 22, 2017

    Did you bring home any permanent memories from the Meat Shop? An Airstream tat, perhaps?

  3. Sharon
    November 23, 2017

    Beautiful close-up pictorial of Barcelona Bill. I love Spain so much. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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