Barcelona High And Low

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View atop Barcelona’s cathedral.

Street love.

Some in Catalonia have a desire for independence from Spain but not all. While I was there there was a very large march and demonstration for those wishing to show their loyalty to Spain and nationhood. Catalonian’s have their own language and this woman wants you to know that she wants both – to be a Catalonian IN Spain.

You may remember the name ‘Las Ramblas’. It is the wide pedestrian walk where 13 were killed by Islamic terrorists. This is the memorial to them and the 120 who were injured. There are thirteen tree stumps commemorating the dead.

This guy would get my nomination for most unusual street musician – a plastic pipe, a safety cone and his mouth produced some amazing results – not unlike an alpenhorn with an attitude.

One of the city’s earliest fortifications (and longest lasting) Montjuic is nearly 400 years old.

On Las Ramblas there are also street performers. None are musicians, all are what you could call “still life”. The costumes were pretty incredible. They exist on the generosity of tourists. If you went to photograph without tipping them they would shield themselves with an arm or part of a costume.

Barcelona and Catalonia are many things but it is predominantly Roman Catholic. Shrines and statuary can be found inside and out. Despite a number of demonstrations before, during and after I was there, violence was not in evidence.


  1. Pamela Shea
    December 18, 2017

    This speaks to me of our common humanity, Bill. Seemingly coffee is the nectar that keeps us all going. And of course, faith is the greatest equalizer of all.

  2. Leonard Caudell
    December 18, 2017

    Takes me back to the beautiful song by the Stones,
    Salt of the Earth!
    Thank you Bill

  3. Carol
    December 18, 2017


  4. Lynda
    December 18, 2017

    I’m happy to see you slipped some coins into Galileo’s pocket, great shot!

  5. Walt Prichard
    December 18, 2017

    How great it is to have a mission! Without we would all collapse miserbly!


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