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One can cover a lot of ground in four days in Madrid without ever going outside its core. Here are a few things (of many more) that caught my eye.

This is Madrid’s version of Times Square. There are more large screens on the Plaza Callao on the far edge of the square. 

Serendipity put me in front of this building as the noon carillon began sounding. It was the start of a delightful musical and mechanical procession of characters from Spain’s past. Leading the parade at left is a famous bullfighter, Manola, then King Carlos III and the painter Goya. The show spread out on the balcony well past the boundaries of this photo.

Spain is close to 90% Catholic. It makes sense then that there are stores for priests and religious.

I shouldn’t have been surprised by finding yucca in Madrid. Though it can get cold, this is what it means to have a Mediterranean climate – nearly the same parallel as Northern California.

Have a restaurant with rollup doors and windows? Turn them into a clever element in a mural. There were a number of other tromp l’oeil tricks in Madrid including a windowless four story building that was transformed into charming apartments with paint.

What, you thought Spain was all about neat old buildings and wonderful food? No, among others they have the “Green Dogs Motorcycle Club.” Ride On!



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    A great Madrid potpourri!


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